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PERU, JANUARY 4-16, 2025


This retreat is a traditional dieta, a diet with Las Plantas Maestras, the Sacred Plant teachers. It is a 10-day retreat that includes abstinence from the foods, habits, and trappings of our daily modern life. It is a time to be spent in solitude, simplicity, and inner silence partnered with the elegant cacophony of the jungle sounds of primordial life. We have the option to commune with the healing Waters of the Ucayali river, which is the main head stream of the great Amazon River. We can choose to bathe in the waters among waterfalls, Blue Morpho butterflies, and the abundant flora and fauna of this magical cradle of life and breath. Here, the Plant teachers work their magic, healing in our

bodies and souls under the guidance of a Mestizo, lineage curandero, Don José Campos. Now in his 60's, Don Jose Campos was taught by Don Solón Téllo Lozano, who was taught by Don José Chuqipiando of the Yagua tribe in Iquitos, Peru. Don Solón Tello was one of the first Mestizo Curanderos in Peru, who received the transmission of knowledge directly from the Yagua tribe and from the Sacred Plants. The Mestizo (mixed Spanish and Indigenous ancestors) lineage is the result of the generosity of the Indigenous elders who passed on the sacred knowledge that they held and guarded for centuries, even through a bloody history of colonization and genocide. It is important for us to honor this distinction as we appreciate the gift of these medicines that now come to us in these times when we most need their healing. Don José Campos is a trusted Maestro, whose life trajectory has changed the legal landscape in Latin America around indigenous sacred practices and lineage healing methodologies.

This retreat includes 5 plant medicine ceremonies and includes daily communion with the Siren of the Rivers, the lovely Bobinzana plant, who assists us with heart opening, softening, connecting with the songs of the plants, and clear vision.


Accommodations are rustic, and each person will have their own individual Tambo (jungle cabin). All meals are included during the retreat. Group integration support will be offered bi-weekly via zoom for 3 months following the retreat free of charge.

This retreat will prioritize Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) and LBTQIA2S+ folx as these folx rarely have access to this type of retreat within affinity spaces. Allies & Accomplices in the work of Liberation and Social Justice will be welcome and carefully selected to insure a safe space for all.

Sliding scale price is $2,100 - $3,100 and includes 10 day retreat, meals during retreat, accommodations during retreat. Folx who could afford to pay the higher price will be contributing to our scholarship fund.

Airfare and hotel costs (upon arrival and departure from Lima) are not included in the price.


A limited number of small scholarships are available based on financial hardship and need.


Retreat is by application only. Space is limited. Please fill out the application form here.

Don José_edited.jpg

Maestro Don José Campos



Tobacco/Nicotine addiction is a harmful disorder that affects many people and can be difficult to treat. Yet Tobacco is a powerful and sacred plant for many indigenous cultures throughout the world. In the Americas, Tobacco is tied to colonization, slavery, and the decimation of indigenous cultures and practices. Through the colonial lens, Tobacco has been bastardized and presented in capitalist, consumerist culture as  cigarettes and nicotine products, which are far removed from the true essence and function of this sacred plant.

Through education, therapeutic guidance and ritual this program will focus on

empowering you with healing practices and strategies to shift your relationship with cigarette and nicotine consumption, by shifting your relationship with this sacred plant medicine and equipping you with practices, tools, and support in your healing journey from addiction.

This retreat will be held over a three-day weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) and will include the following:

~ Camping or glamping (for an additional fee) accommodations at the Liberation Pathways Farms and Healing Space

~ Education regarding the history of Tobacco as a sacred medicine and its history of colonization

~ Education regarding the physiology of addiction, specifically to nicotine

~ Exploration of ancestral lineage, historical/intergenerational trauma

~ Introduction and exploration of Western Attachment Theory and Indigenous Attachment model as they relate to addiction

~ Three Cacao and Tobacco Ceremonies

~ Group work: movement, embodiment practices, yoga, meditation, breathwork, group acupuncture, song circles, grief work

~ All meals and detox assistance with herbal teas, tinctures and nutrition support

~ Three months of weekly online support group for maintenance guided by a licensed therapist

Please visit the Liberation Pathways Recovery Site for additional information.

Coming 2025 in the Umpqua River Basin, Oregon.



The Sacred Connection Retreat is offered to those who have already taken the Sacred Connection Course. It is an opportunity to deepen our connection to each other, explore possibilities for modern village creation, commune with the vast web of life via ritual, time spent in nature, ancestral practice, grief work, and communion with our plant allies.


The retreat will take place at the Liberation Pathways Farms and Healing Space and will include camping or glamping (for an additional fee) accommodations, one to one consultations, group work, and a deeper experiential exploration of the pathways toward Sacred Connection.

You can find more information about the Sacred Connection Course here.

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