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“…the stars began to burn
through the sheets of clouds,
and there was a new voice
which you slowly
recognized as your own…” 

~Mary Oliver


One of the main aims of Liberation Pathways is to provide services to all people, but especially of having the ability to serve marginalized and historically oppressed peoples by making our offerings accessible to all. At the same time, it is important that our own practitioners, healers and facilitators be fairly compensated for the magic and medicine they provide. For this reason, please note that we are currently operating on a pay-what-you-can model on a sliding fee scale for all our services, events, and offering. If you are a well-resourced person and can pay more, your additional contribution will support a person with less financial resources, making this work accessible to all and fair to our practitioners, who are integral to this liberation work. If you would like to contribute to our ongoing fundraiser campaign that funds under-resourced persons (such as undocumented folx) we are very grateful. Click here to review our pricing.


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The soul counsel session provides guidance aimed at fostering a connection between your rational mind and your deepest soul wisdom. The Liberation Pathways therapeutic framework looks at attachment through the vast lens of addressing ruptures both from our immediate family systems and from the greater web of life. This work will include a deep dive into ancestral lineages and the places in need of light and healing for personal wholeness and integration. All the answers and the blueprint for your life, the map for your journey are within. You will engage in an exploration and sacred connection to the mystery of what brings you here, how your wounds and experiences can serve you, and how to integrate the many elements and forces that create your divine story – your life. As we move through this work, we will seek to uncover the unique purpose of your soul and the gifts you came here to contribute. This work is informed through a liberation framework, which means that we will also look at how systems of oppression such as patriarchy, capitalism, and colonialism have historically impacted our lineages continue to impact us today.

Some insurance plans accepted within the state of Oregon.

We are not accepting new clients at this time, but please email us to be placed on our waiting list.


The Earth has generously provided immense assistance for our human journey via the Sacred Earth/Plant Teachers. The Ancestral Elixirs are ceremonially prepared tinctures of Master Earth Medicines such as Tobacco and Cacao, among other powerful allies. This work is guided by Maribel Ramirez, LPC, Healer, who is under apprenticeship with Don Carlos Jesus Castillejos, Mayan-Toltec Grandfather. Don Carlos Jesus Castillejos imparts elements of the ancestral wisdom of his lineages in working with the Sacred Medicines, while recognizing that the therapeutic space is a modern approach  to healing and that the afflictions of modernity (rooted in disconnection and trauma) are often different from those of ancestral, indigenous cultures of the past.

Master Plant Guides can help us in our healing journey by addressing different areas of blockage or disconnection in our lives.  We commune with them by ingesting them daily for a given period of time, while engaging in soul counsel and dreamwork for deepening the process and integrating our experience.

This is a 6-session commitment. The Ancestral Elixir(s) (tincture) for communion are available for additional cost ranging from $35 - $45 for a two-ounce tincture (depending on the medicine). 


We are not accepting new clients at this time, but please email us to placed on our waiting list.


Ceremony with Plant & Earth Medicines are powerful experiences with vast transformative potential. However, while it might seem that the work begins in the ceremonial space, the bulk of the healing and transformation happens outside of ceremony. Preparation prior to ceremony is crucial -- creating a container for holding clear, strong intentions.  Just as important to our journey is our ability to sustain the opening, connection, and information that guides our healing, post ceremony. 

Once upon a time, life itself was ceremony. We lived in village, in a network of connections with other human beings, the unseen world, and the vast web of life. Often in ceremonial spaces we get a glimpse of this ancient way of existing. Then we return to our "regular" lives, and the sense of expansion and connection can slowly start to dissipate.

In life we can observe a pattern of expansion and contraction that permeates existence. We see these patterns in our breath, in our circulatory system, in the cycles of nature, and birth and death. Ceremony creates  an expansive state that, for most of us, is followed by an eventual contraction. Integration work helps us track this process in our psyche and bring in the necessary awareness for continued exploration and healing. It also allows us to establish practices within a system of accountability so that the spiritual work continues to unfold, and old patterns and wounding do not reclaim us.

This preparation and integration work will be facilitated by Maribel Ramirez, LPC, Healer. She has over 13 years experience on the Plant Medicine Path. 


Integration work is a 6-session commitment that includes two sessions of preparation prior to ceremony work and four sessions of integration work post-ceremony.  Please email for additional information.

We are not accepting new clients at this time, but please email us to placed on our waiting list.

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Pricing is organized into 3 tiers/accessibility options:

  • Tier 1 is the actual cost of the session

  • Tier 2 is the pay it forward cost - the actual cost of the session plus extra to help another/offset costs for someone who cannot afford the full cost.

  • Tier 3 is for folx who are struggling to pay for basic life needs and/or are from a historically marginalized group.

  • Scholarships are available based on need. Our aim is to not to turn anyone away for lack of funds. Please email us if you are interested in applying for a scholarship.

T1: $120 / T2: $180 / T3: $60

T1: $720 / T2: $1,080 / T3: $360 - Elixirs range from $35 - $50 for a 2-ounce bottle

T1: $720 / T2: $1,080 / T3: $360

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