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"Without community, there is no liberation."  ~ Audrey Lorde




Liberation Pathways was birthed by Maribel Ramirez, a Licensed Professional Counselor and Healer. Her experience as a woman of color and student of indigenous ways of knowing and healing, and her work with marginalized, under-resourced, clients, showed her that the “epidemics” we face as a species (depression, anxiety, drug addiction, environmental destruction, suicide) are rooted in trauma and disconnection. This trauma is the direct result of colonization and capitalist structures. Her lifelong spiritual path introduced her to ancient practices such as Earth/Plant medicines, bodywork, yoga, breathwork, and acupuncture, while her work as a therapist introduced her to cutting-edge trauma treatments, such as EMDR, Internal Family Systems, and Attachment-oriented modalities. Unfortunately, these pathways are rarely accessible to the historically marginalized and oppressed. The Liberation Pathways vision is to provide financially accessible healing services to folx from these communities while inviting healers from these same backgrounds into the Liberation Pathways community. We also welcome White-bodied allies and healers in their participation and support of this mission.


We had our first healing event at the Liberation Pathways Healing Sanctuary on October 2023! In this photo: The first program participants on the land.



On January 2023, Maribel and her partner, Jeff realized a dream, buying land (36-Acres of farm and forest land) in Oregon's Umpqua River Basin. Buying the land has left them with the highest mortgage they have ever had and with the opportunity to finally build a healing retreat space for folx from marginalized backgrounds (BIPOC, LGBTQUIA2S+, at-risk youth, persons with disabilities, and those struggling with addiction).

Liberation Pathways Healing Space, is developing programming for onsite workshops, multi-day retreats, nature-based youth programs, one-to-one healing sessions, addiction services, and work with Earth medicines with a focus on remembrance, connection, healing, self-knowledge and yes, Liberation. This healing retreat space will center communion with Nature and communion with one another for those who cannot afford the luxury of attending healing retreats. Collective, nature-based healing is not only powerful, but it is the ancestral inheritance of communities of color and the antidote to the disconnection fostered by our highly individualistic systems.

We tore down old structures that no longer serve us to build our indoor healing space!!

tarped dome_edited.jpg

Our new gathering space at the site where the old barn used to be. Our Geodesic Dome needs a roof to protect it from the Pacific Northwest Rain!

Will you help us manifest this healing sanctuary?

Our vision is a healing space that centers under-resourced and historically marginalized populations through decolonized approaches to healing and wellness, offering events, classes, & retreats for youth and adults.


Please help us by contributing your…


• TREASURE: use our GoFundMe to donate, become a monthly donor through PayPal, or email us to make an in-kind gift

• TIME: volunteer at Liberation Pathways Farms & Healing Space! Fill out this form and we will contact you.

• TALENTS: We need folx skilled in:

o Carpentry

o Plumbing

o Architecture

o Forestry

o Electrical / Solar

o Marketing / Social Media

o Fundraising / Grant Writing

o Event Planning

o Law

o Pond Restoration


o Yurts

o Stoves for warming yurts

o Glamping tents

o A pick-up truck

o Power tools

o Tractor attachments (chipper/shredder, backhoe)

o Farming supplies and equipment


Our vision will unfold in FOUR PHASES.


Phase One – Build the Healing Sanctuary Indoor Gathering Space in 2023/2024


Phase One we aim to:

• Demolish old structures (metaphorically and literally!) - old barns where gathering space and bathhouse will be (DONE!!)

• Build our gathering space – a 30 ft. wood geodome with decking, stove, interior finish and labor ($27,000) (DONE!!!)

• Roof our gedome ($10,000) (Spring 2024)



Phases Two, Three & Four (2024-2028) – Build Bathhouse, Set up Glamping Tents, Launch Key Programs in 2025


• Acquire and furnish 30 glamping tents for retreat participants ($15,000)

• Create outdoor kitchen/dining area ($8,000)

• Install outhouses/composting toilets ($2,000)

• Prune and thin out forest for the safety of campers ($3,000)

• Three insulated 16 ft. geodomes for live-in staff/volunteers with furnishings, decking, and labor ($15,000)

• Design and build our bathhouse for participant cleansing, detoxing, self-care, and joy (est. $20,000)

• Establish a productive farm that will sustain our programming and fund participation for under-resourced folx.

• Design and implement programs for Youth and Adults, Tobacco Cessation, Substance Use Treatment, Events and Courses


Thank you for your generous support of this vision for healing.

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