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At Liberation Pathways, we aim to provide mental/spiritual health and wellness services from a liberation-focused framework as we understand that conventional methodologies sometimes fail to address core issues, particularly when working with historically oppressed and marginalized populations. From this perspective, we look at how the effects of colonization, patriarchy, and capitalism give rise to dis-ease and we shift from the paradigm of pathologizing the individuals we serve. We offer one-on-one services, classes, workshops/events and resources to folx interested in exploring this work and do so on a tiered pricing scale with inclusiveness for all in mind. However, even at the inexpensive tiers, some folx still can't afford these services.


The Liberation Pathways Scholarship Fund was created to ensure that no one is turned away from receiving our offerings due to a lack of funds while still fairly compensating facilitators, most of whom are BIPOC or LBTQIA2S+. In particular, a primary aim is to support our undocumented community members through our offering of bilingual therapy services and other offerings. Because so many of our services are not covered by insurance and some of our practitioners do not take insurance, we are looking to our community for support in the spirit of reciprocity and care for historically-oppressed populations. You can donate to the Liberation Pathways Scholarship Fund here.


This Liberation Pathways Scholarship fund is funded by contributions by community members in order to provide services offered via Liberation Pathways LLC and affiliated practitioners to people from historically oppressed and/or marginalized populations. This fund can cover individual services as well as group classes and events. It does not cover the cost of retreats at this time. You might be eligible to receive either partial or full scholarships based on your ability to pay and support this work. Although one of the aims of Liberation Pathways is not to turn anyone away due to lack of funds, we are limited in our capacity to accommodate everyone sometimes, due to space and time limitations, given the small size of our practitioner team. There is a likelihood that some applicants will be placed on waiting lists or offered group classes/events as alternatives to individual work. Please note that our classes and events are not therapy and do not replace individual therapy.  Folx are encouraged to continue seeking assistance through other means if our individual therapists are at capacity. You may apply for a scholarship here.

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