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“Ritual is called for because our soul communicates things to us that the body translates as need, or want, or absence. So we enter into ritual in order to respond to the call of the soul.”  ~ Malidoma Patrice Somé


January 2024

“The trees act not as individuals, but somehow as a collective.

Exactly how they do this, we don’t yet know. But what we see is the power of unity.

What happens to one happens to us all. We can starve together or feast together.”

~ Robin Wall Kimmerer, PhD

So many of us feel restless and anxious in relationship to others and in relationship

to ourselves. So many of us struggle with a feeling of incompleteness that might translate as a sense of dissatisfaction or restlessness. This can be referred to as an "attachment void" - a part of ourselves that we attempt to fill with relationships, sex, food, substances, work, constant sound, activity, distractions, shopping, acquiring ... The list goes on.

Attachment theory tells us that our anxiety can be traced back to ruptures that occurred in early childhood. While there is indisputable truth to this, it is possible that our anxiety runs even deeper and further than our childhood attachment wounds. For most of us, attachment ruptures have been centuries in the making as our cultures of origin suffered the disconnection that came with the disruption of indigenous ways of coexistence in which we were part of larger systems such as spiritual sources, Nature, ancestral guidance, and tribal/village life. Instead of being in reciprocity with these  systems that supported us as part of the web of existence, we are now being depleted by the patriarchal, colonial, capitalist systems we are a part of.

The Sacred Connection Course is for practitioners and healers, as well as those of us on personal exploration journeys. It will provide us with a deeper understanding of the source of modern existential human suffering, while providing us with tools and practices for deeper connection with Mother Nature, Elemental Forces, the unseen world, and our Ancestral Guides. It moves us way beyond Western models of mental health and wellness by showing us a glimpse of what’s possible in terms of our wholeness.

In this course, we will:

~ Briefly dip into attachment theory and explore our own attachment styles

~ Look at ways and behaviors in which we might try to fill our attachment void within the contexts of colonial, patriarchal, capitalist systems that lead to more depletion, anxiety and lack of fulfillment

~ Explore attachment from a broader, indigenous perspective

~ Trace our ancestral lines and explore how ruptures might show up in our lineage by looking at familial and historical trauma

~ Rediscover the ancient practices of our early ancestors via self-study and research

~ Learn practices, rituals, and ceremony for healing, reconnection, marking transition, and remembering

~ Explore the impact of systems of oppression (patriarchy, colonialism, capitalism) on ancestral, collective, environmental and individual wounding

~ Learn to practice and incorporate small and large acts of liberation as tools for healing from the impact of being embedded within these systems

The course will close with a final ceremony for reconnecting with healthy ancestors, other than human kin, elemental forces, ourselves, and each other as a collective. Ritual and sacred connection practices will be included throughout the course as a foundational part of our work together.

This is an 8-week, self-paced course that includes a bi-weekly meeting over Zoom on Monday evenings at 6pm-7:30pm PT. These meetings are devoted to connecting, sharing, Q&A, and ritual and ceremony relevant to the course work. 2-5 hours per week of personal exploration/practice should be set aside beyond the time of the class.


Class includes: Sacred Connection PDF Workbook.


Registration will open November 2023.  Please sign up to our email list to receive an invitation to the course.


PRICING: Tier 1 - $216 / Tier 2 - $324  / Tier 3 - $108. 


Please see tiered pricing at the bottom of the page for additional information. If pricing presents a hardship, please consider applying for a partial or full scholarship here.

Artwork rendered specially for this class by Paloma Nicole Diaz

Coming soon - Free event

“I hope you will go out and let stories, that is life, happen to you, and that you will work with these stories from your life--not someone else’s life--water them with your blood and tears and your laughter till they bloom, till you yourself burst into bloom. That is the work. The only work.”  

 ~ Clarissa Pinkola Estés, PhD


One of the ways our ancestors connected with one another was over stories. Stories were an integral part of community, weaving threads across time, nature, the unseen realms, and the human species. Stories were usually told at night by roaring fires as a means of nourishment, connection, and entertainment. In our first Pathway of Story event we will attempt to replicate the ancient primordial village fire and come together for story time. We will have themes available (brought by you) that will be randomly picked and storytellers will have a chance to speak their stories directly from the heart, without much planning or thinking as story listeners support with open hearts and ears, absorbing the medicine of this ancient art and practice. We invite you to be ready with a candle, a glass of water, incense/smoke (please mindful of endangered sacred plants) for creating ceremonial space. And of course, cozy up with your favorite evening beverage. This event is becoming a Liberation Pathways tradition and will happen randomly over Zoom every couple of months. 


Please sign up to our Email/Newsletter (below) to receive our invitation for this and other events.

Fall 2024

“Whether we know it or not, our lives are acts of imagination and the world is continually reimagined through us.”     

 ~ Michael Meade


Human beings are a species of storytellers.  Story and myth have shaped, explained, and recounted our existence – the world, life, and our place in it – since language first evolved.  There are truths of existence that often evade facts, yet our souls yearn for these gems hidden in the rivers of our subconscious.  Sacred myth connects us to the larger story of the sacred while taking us out of the smaller stories that do not serve us.   

This is an 8-week workshop meeting one time per week, for 90 minutes (except for final meeting which will be two hours long). During the workshop we will learn the place and the importance of myth in ancient cultures and how the disconnection from mythic imagination impacts us as a society.

We will look at three mythic stories in order to understand how the archetypal forces in our guiding stories shape our worldview. We will learn about archetypes and how these primal forces can help us reimagine our lives at the individual and collective levels.

Stories are tools for exploration and transformation and we will utilize these as such. This workshop will culminate in a guided sacred myth ceremony in which we will channel a personal myth and share these in our group (for those who feel called to share). The sacred myth ceremony combines guidance, ritual, and communion for facilitating the powerful personal myth writing process. Discover the magic of this pathway for diving into the wisdom inherent in the subconscious as a means of personal and collective healing. 

Class includes: PDF handout packet, Book: The Disobedience of the Daughter of the Sun, by Martin Prechtel, Sacred gift for the final ceremony. 


Registration will open September 2024 and will require a short application to insure the safety of all participants. Please sign up for the newsletter/email list (below) to receive an invitation to sign up.

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Pricing is organized into 3 tiers/accessibility options:

  • Tier 1 is the actual cost of the session

  • Tier 2 is the pay it forward cost - the actual cost of the session plus extra to help another/offset costs for someone who cannot afford the full cost.

  • Tier 3 is for folx who are struggling to pay for basic life needs and/or are from a historically marginalized group.

  • Scholarships are available based on need. Our aim is to not to turn anyone away for lack of funds. Please email us if you are interested in applying for a scholarship.

T1:$216 /T2:$324 /T3:$108

T1:$320 / T2:$480 / T3:$160


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