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Apenas estamos comenzando a hacer crecer nuestra comunidad de sanadores, proveedores y facilitadores. Si los principios rectores de esta comunidad resuenan con usted, lo invitamos a contactarnos. 




Maribel es una consejera de salud mental/uso de sustancias, sanadora y trabajadora corporal de ascendencia mixta, que se identifica como mujer, cisgénero, bilingüe (inglés/español). Actualmente reside en las tierras ancestrales de las tribus paiute, wasco y confederadas del pueblo de Warm Springs en lo que ahora se llama Prineville, Oregón, en la región central del estado. (Haga clic aquí para el reconocimiento completo de la tierra). Su linaje incluye antepasados del continente africano, China, antepasados indígenas de lo que ahora es Colombia en el continente sudamericano y España. La educación convencional de Maribel incluye una Licenciatura en Literatura y una Maestría en Ciencias en Consejería de Salud Mental. Sin embargo, la mayor parte de su aprendizaje proviene del tiempo que pasó en la naturaleza, un camino de medicina de plantas bien usado con curanderos de linaje de Perú, así como enseñanzas budistas tibetanas y zen, y filosofía espiritual hindú/védica explorada a través del camino del yoga.  Maribel pasó 15 años aprendiendo y nutriendo el cuerpo humano a través de su trabajo como masajista y a través del camino del Raja Yoga.

JUDITH FAUSTIMA | Triune Health and Wellness & Liberation Pathways
MA, LMFT, Liberation-Focused & Systems Healer



Judith is an Afro-Haitian American with a direct lineage from West and Southern East Africa. She is a trauma-informed healer, educator, supervisor, critical conscious riser, and speaker. As a systems therapist, she learned and experienced the level of impact systems has had on individuals and communities. Taking a trauma-informed and systemic lens is the center of her focusing on individual and collective healing.  As a systems therapist, she takes a perspective and worldview that acknowledges that we are a part of communities that are centered around relational dynamics and the ecosystem of Nature. She understands the importance of attachment in relationships and the power of self to the wholeness of an individual. Judith is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Oregon. She completed her master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy and is currently a Doctoral Candidate in her Doctoral for Marriage and Family Therapy Program. She specializes in program development and evaluation in experiential modalities.

She received further education at Portland State University and centered Liberation-Focused training through Therapy That Liberates community with Dr. Shawna Murray-Browne. Judith has experience working with individuals, families, couples, and parent/child dynamics, and specialize in working with adoptive families, especially within transracial adoption. She offers consulting to organizations and programs seeking clinical training as it relates to being a culturally responsive healer. Judith is also a AAMFT Approved Supervisor and Faculty Professor at Oregon State University, offering supervision and professional development to clinical interns in the Masters Counseling Program.  See Judith's CV here for experiences and credentials. She is a settler on the ancestral lands of the Warm Springs, Wasco and Paiute Native American Tribes.


Birth Keeper



Fátima is a first-generation, queer daughter of Mexican parents. She was born and raised in Southside Chicago in a traditional Mexican household. Fast forward 26 years, she now resides on the ceded lands of the Northern Paiute, Wasco, and Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs, also known as Central Oregon, where she has built beautiful and genuine relationships with many people in her community.  Fátima became passionate about birth keeping when she attended a close friend’s home birth, while still completing her doula training summer of 2021.

She second handedly experienced the great power, magic, and essentially the portals a mother/parent goes through when giving birth. While diving into her own ancestral healing, she also discovered that her great grandmother was a healer/birth keeper in her community as well. She took that not only as a sign from Spirit, but as guidance from her ancestors to help usher life into the New World. As a traditional birthkeeper, Fátima’s values are rooted in community support, decolonizing birth through reproductive and social justice, reclamation of ancestral traditions and wisdom of her

lineage [Mestiza], and the continual advocation and support for ALL historically oppressed humans in sustainable and nurturing healing.

In her own personal life, Fátima has worked towards understanding how trauma affects all individuals through embodiment practices such as yoga, breath work, and tending her own mental health. She works from a trauma-informed lens which centers on dismantling systems of oppression, patriarchy, heteronormativity, and white supremacy, not only in our public institutions, but the programming that has been embedded in every being.

Aside from working with mothers and parents in her community, Fátima holds space for many. In the past, she has held space through working with troubled youth in a therapeutic setting and has worked in the low-income public school system creating a safe space for youth to experience joy through recreation and art. In her spare time, she likes to play outside and connect with Mother Nature, spend quality time with her loved ones, snuggle with her cat and a book at hand, cook and share nourishing meals, and also tend to herself through self-care rituals.

Song Carrier, Grief Tender, Community Organizer



Healing at the Roots is a portal into the amalgamation of trauma-informed communal grief work, politicized healing, community singing, reclaiming witch identities as ancestral pathways & re-enchanting white culture as abolitionist, anti-racist, anti-colonial and anti-oppressive practice. This is one of the ways Ahlay (Jewish/Scandinavian) stays accountable to their ongoing commitment to breaking cycles of intergenerational trauma both caused and endured by their ancestors, while also recognizing the compounded harm we have yet to collectively acknowledge so we can begin to transform it. Ahlay is a descendent of the uprooted and rootless ones and she is a commitment to re-rooting & re-sensitizing her people through culture building and re-viving her indigenous ancestor's cosmologies through re-membering what was meant to be forgotten. 

One of the ways we do this is through Grieving Embodied White Supremacy.

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