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“El ritual se requiere porque nuestra alma nos comunica cosas que el cuerpo traduce como necesidad, carencia o ausencia. Entonces entramos en ritual para responder al llamado del alma”.  ~ Malidoma Patrice Some



“Los árboles no actúan como individuos, sino de alguna manera como colectivo.

Exactamente cómo hacen esto, aún no lo sabemos. Pero lo que vemos es el poder de la unidad.

Lo que le pasa a uno nos pasa a todos. Podemos pasar hambre juntos o festejar juntos”.

~ Robin Wall Kimmerer

Muchos de nosotros nos sentimos inquietos y ansiosos en relación con los demás y en la relación

a nosotros mismos La teoría del apego nos dice que nuestra ansiedad se remonta

a las rupturas que ocurrieron en la primera infancia. Si bien hay una verdad indiscutible en esto,

es posible que nuestra ansiedad sea aún más profunda y más allá de las heridas de apego de nuestra infancia. Para la mayoría de nosotros, las rupturas de apego se han gestado durante siglos a medida que nuestras culturas de origen sufrieron la desconexión que vino con la interrupción de las formas indígenas de coexistencia en las que éramos parte de sistemas más grandes como las fuentes espirituales, la naturaleza, la guía ancestral y tribal. /la vida del pueblo.

Attachment theory tells us that our personal and collective anxiety can be traced back to ruptures that occurred in early childhood. While there is indisputable truth to this, it is possible that our anxiety runs even deeper and further than our childhood attachment wounds. For most of us, attachment ruptures have been centuries in the making as our cultures of origin suffered the disconnection that came with the disruption of indigenous ways of coexistence in which we were part of larger systems such as spiritual sources, Nature, ancestral guidance, and tribal/village life. Instead of being in reciprocity and connection with these systems that supported us as part of the

larger web of existence, we are depleted by the patriarchal, colonial, capitalist systems we are a part of that are rooted in fragmentation and disconnection.


The Sacred Connection Course is for healing practitioners, therapists, as well as those of us on personal exploration journeys. It will provide us with a deeper understanding of the source of modern existential human suffering, while providing us with tools and practices for deeper connection with Mother Nature, Elemental Forces, the unseen world, and our Ancestral Guides. It moves us way beyond Western models of mental health and wellness by showing us a glimpse of what’s possible in terms of our wholeness.

En este curso:

  Sumérjase en la teoría del apego y explore nuestros propios estilos de apego, explore el apego desde una perspectiva más amplia, investigue la ascendencia matrilineal y patrilineal y redescubra las prácticas antiguas de nuestros primeros ancestros a través de varias prácticas reconectivas, aprenda prácticas, rituales y ceremonias para la curación, la reconexión y el marcado transición.

El curso cerrará con una ceremonia final para reconectarse con ancestros sanos, que no sean parientes humanos, fuerzas elementales, nosotros mismos y entre nosotros.

Este es un taller de 8 semanas que se reúne una vez por semana,

durante 90 minutos (excepto la reunión final que durará dos horas) y se ofrece dos veces al año.


La clase incluye: paquete de folletos en PDF, regalo sagrado para la ceremonia final, dos sesiones individuales

al principio y hacia el final del curso.  


La inscripción se abrirá el 3 de agosto de 2022.

August 5th, 2024
6-8pm PST

This mini-course is a brief introduction to our Sacred Connection course that we will be offering in the Winter. This is an opportunity to engage with the material and practices we have to offer to help you explore your way back to a sacred connection that fosters healthy attachment to larger systems. The intention is for you to experience a taste of what the course has to offer so you can decide if you would like to join us as we unpack more of the sacred connections minis!


In this Sacred Connection Mini we will explore a historical paradigm where the Divine Feminine life force permeated existence with her life-giving, nurturing, connective power. A time where there was no dominance of gender and humanity lived under a paradigm that is, unfortunately, now foreign to us. We will look at the rise of the Patriarchy and how patriarchal religions were utilized for the colonization and decimation of indigenous peoples and cultures in Europe, setting the stage for the historical and intergenerational

trauma that gave rise to modern colonization. We will begin with an opening invocation and will close with a ritual. There will be opportunity for discussion and for being in community with another.

Registration opens July 13. Price: $39.  If pricing presents hardship, please contact us.

Coming soon - Free event

“I hope you will go out and let stories, that is life, happen to you, and that you will work with these stories from your life--not someone else’s life--water them with your blood and tears and your laughter till they bloom, till you yourself burst into bloom. That is the work. The only work.”  

 ~ Clarissa Pinkola Estés, PhD


One of the ways our ancestors connected with one another was over stories. Stories were an integral part of community, weaving threads across time, nature, the unseen realms, and the human species. Stories were usually told at night by roaring fires as a means of nourishment, connection, and entertainment. In our first Pathway of Story event we will attempt to replicate the ancient primordial village fire and come together for story time. We will have themes available (brought by you) that will be randomly picked and storytellers will have a chance to speak their stories directly from the heart, without much planning or thinking as story listeners support with open hearts and ears, absorbing the medicine of this ancient art and practice. We invite you to be ready with a candle, a glass of water, incense/smoke (please mindful of endangered sacred plants) for creating ceremonial space. And of course, cozy up with your favorite evening beverage. This event is becoming a Liberation Pathways tradition and will happen randomly over Zoom every couple of months. 


Please sign up to our Email/Newsletter (below) to receive our invitation for this and other events.

Winter - Launching 2025

“Whether we know it or not, our lives are acts of imagination and the world is continually reimagined through us.”     

 ~ Michael Meade


Human beings are a species of storytellers.  Story and myth have shaped, explained, and recounted our existence – the world, life, and our place in it – since language first evolved.  There are truths of existence that often evade facts, yet our souls yearn for these gems hidden in the rivers of our subconscious.  Sacred myth connects us to the larger story of the sacred while taking us out of the smaller stories that do not serve us.   

This is an 8-week workshop meeting one time per week, for 90 minutes (except for final meeting which will be two hours long). During the workshop we will learn the place and the importance of myth in ancient cultures and how the disconnection from mythic imagination impacts us as a society.

We will look at three mythic stories in order to understand how the archetypal forces in our guiding stories shape our worldview. We will learn about archetypes and how these primal forces can help us reimagine our lives at the individual and collective levels.

Stories are tools for exploration and transformation and we will utilize these as such. This workshop will culminate in a guided sacred myth ceremony in which we will channel a personal myth and share these in our group (for those who feel called to share). The sacred myth ceremony combines guidance, ritual, and communion for facilitating the powerful personal myth writing process. Discover the magic of this pathway for diving into the wisdom inherent in the subconscious as a means of personal and collective healing. 

Class includes: PDF handout packet, Book: The Disobedience of the Daughter of the Sun, by Martin Prechtel, Sacred gift for the final ceremony. 


Registration will open in the Fall of 2025 and will require a short application to insure the safety of all participants. Please sign up for the newsletter/email list (below) to receive an invitation to sign up.

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Los precios están organizados en 3 niveles/opciones de accesibilidad:

  • El nivel 1 es el costo real de la sesión

  • El nivel 2 es el costo de pago anticipado: el costo real de la sesión más los costos adicionales para ayudar a otros/compensar para alguien que no puede pagar el costo total.

  • El nivel 3 es para personas que luchan por pagar las necesidades básicas de la vida y/o pertenecen a un grupo históricamente marginado.

  • Las becas y/o los arreglos de intercambio están disponibles según la necesidad. Nuestro objetivo es no rechazar a nadie por falta de fondos. 

CONEXIÓN SAGRADA - T1:$320 /T2:$480 /T3:$160
MITO SAGRADO - T1:$320 / T2:$480 / T3:$160

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