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Liberation Pathways is currently located in the ceded lands of the Paiute, Wasco and Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs in what is now called Prineville, Oregon in the Central region of the state. We honor the ancestral indigenous inhabitants of the land, recognize that these lands were stolen, and envision pathways that will return the land to its rightful stewards. 

We honor and remember the times when the the people's of Warm Springs lived and thrived along the Columbia river and its many tributaries, subsisting in reciprocity with the plants and animals of the land, particularly Salmon, and traded with the Wasco tribes in the region. The Northern Pauite, too, migrated and inhabited parts of Oregon and reached into Utah and Nevada, eventually settling in Warm Springs. The exchanges between these diverse groups of people, along with many other tribes provided a rich cultural exchange to the lands now known as "Oregon." 

In 1855 the US Government created treaties that would remove the people from the lands they had inhabited and stewarded since the inception of human time. Ten million acres of land were ceded by the Warm Springs and Wasco peoples in exchange for the Warm Springs reservations. People were removed from their river home lands and forcibly brought into this region, known as Central Oregon. In 1879 the Paiute peoples were also forced to live in the Warm Springs reservations. These diverse peoples, in culture and language, eventually united as the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs in 1938.

We also acknowledge the people of the Klamath region, the Klamath, Modoc and Yahooskin peoples, who migrated through these lands for trade and sustenance. These ancient stewards of the land still fight and legally seek the restoration of the Upper Klamath Lake and their treaty rights to continue their traditional ways for sustenance and ceremonial rites through hunting, gathering of plants and fishing. 

At Liberation Pathways we are grateful to dwell in the ancestral lands of our indigenous neighbors and hope to do so with honor and respect. We support indigenous resistance and legal pathways to the restoration of rights and lands to the rightful stewards. 

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