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“I see the unconscious as an ongoing matrix of gestation where things need to develop before they are born into our conscious mind. There is much that we do not know about ourselves and that is okay. What is ready to appear will do so at just the right time.”

~ Fracoise Bourzat

The depth of our healing with master plant/Earth medicines greatly depends on how well are able to sustain and integrate the expansion, the insight, and the connection we experience during ceremonial work. Once upon a time, life itself was ceremony. We lived in village, in a network of connections with other human beings, the unseen world, and the vast web of life. Often in ceremonial spaces we get a glimpse of this ancient way of existing. Then we return to our "regular" lives, and the sense of expansion and connection can slowly start to dissipate.

This integration circle is a container in which we come together as a village in

our healing journey. It is an opportunity to support one another by sharing and listening, as well as a forum to discover pathways and tools to support our journey prior and post ceremony.  Each session begins with an invocation and closes with ritual.

Pay-what-you-can, tiered pricing is available (see below). No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

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