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Welcome to Liberation Pathways and thank you for taking the time to visit us.


At Liberation Pathways we have come to understand that conventional, Western, Euro-centric approaches to health and wellness are often derived from perspectives influenced by a long history of colonization and patriarchal paradigms. These have attempted to strip human beings from our connection to the larger web of existence, placing the individual (particularly White individuals) at a contrived apex of creation by removing us from our integral place as part of the earthly-divine collective. We all suffer the effects of living within these power-over models that inform modernity and contribute to the symptoms of dis-ease resulting from such disconnection. The pathways we offer will facilitate ways to remembrance, connection, and healing by shifting us out of these paradigms that do not serve humanity and our beautiful Earth home. 


The main aim of Liberation Pathways is to provide healing and wellness services to all people, but especially to marginalized and historically oppressed peoples. We are currently in the process of building a physical healing sanctuary in order to offer in-person programs, classes, retreats, and events. We aim to make our offerings accessible, while ensuring that our own practitioners, healers, and facilitators are fairly compensated for the magic and medicine they provide. We operate on a pay-what-you-can fee scale for most of our services, events, and offerings, and we provide scholarships whenever possible.


We invite you to support the Liberation Pathways Healing Sanctuary fund to help us achieve our vision for wellness access.

If you are curious about, wish to join, or want to learn more about the Liberation Pathways Community, or if you are seeking services for yourself, please contact us via an email message (below).  In the meantime, feel free to sign up to our newsletter (below) for events, classes, blogs/articles and resources.

Liberation Pathways resides in the ancestral lands of the Cow Creek Umqua, Yoncalla, Kalapuyans, Southern Molalla, Upper Umpqua, and Quuiich tribes (Lower Umpqua). (Please click here for full land acknowledgement.)


Liberation Pathways and the Liberation Pathways Healing Space (Oregon 501c3) calls upon a community of wise, soul-centered, spirit-led humans who understand the importance of a space that brings healing to those historically marginalized and under resourced. The LP Council provides support and guidance to Liberation Pathways and Liberation Pathways Healing Space.

MARIBEL RAMIREZ, Vision Tender, Program Developer

Maribel (She/Her/Ella) is the founder of Liberation Pathways, an organization aimed at bringing healing through a decolonized lens to People of the Global Majority and those from under-served, historically oppressed backgrounds. Maribel is a therapist/healer by trade as well as a land steward, community builder, and educator. She knows that all modern dis-ease is rooted in disconnection from tribe, village, and community as well as from this beautiful planet we call home. Her intention is to continue to remember her way back into deep reconnection and shine a light on that path.

JEFF YAMADA, Co-founder, Operations

Jeff (He, Him) identifies as a cis-gendered, male, heterosexual mixed-race father of three, a Yonsei (4th generation immigrant) on his father’s side and a 12th generation descendant of Quaker immigrants on his mother’s side. From early childhood trips to see his grandparents in northern British Columbia to exploring the orchards, creeks and canyons of his home town, Jeff is at his best in nature. He served three years as a rural community development Peace Corps Volunteer in an Amerindian rainforest community in Suriname, South America, speaks three languages fluently and can get by in a couple others. He has an MBA in international finance, has worked 30 years in money management, and has served on the boards of local and national non-profits.

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RAQUEL RAMIREZ O'LEARY, Mother, Space Holder, Community Weaver, Transformational Operational Guide, Spirit World Liason

Raquel (She/Her/Ella) is Mestiza, her lineage primarily includes ancestors from Mexico from what is now known as North America and the island of Ireland in Northern Europe.  She comes from the lineage of warriors from the peyotl lands of Coahuila, Mexico.  She has spent the last 2 decades leading people and managing operations in the world of finance. She has an innate ability to use her leadership skills, technology and operational strategies to create efficiencies, build culture and transform businesses to grow and thrive. One of her strengths has always been to see others' potential for expansion and growth, and guide them into full expression.  Raquel chose to leave the capitalist corporate world behind, and spends her time and energy holding space for collective healing and expansion. Raquel is honored to serve Liberation Pathways alchemizing her operational and leadership skills to create and support the growth of community healing spaces for People of the Global Majority, the marginalized and historically oppressed. Raquel transitioned into the Spirit world on May 18, 2024. She will forever be present as divine counsel.


Camillea Johnson (they/them) is a black healer in the process of reclaiming connection to the earth as one of their modalities of grounding into ancestral roots. In relearning how to listen for the voice of the land through dance, altar building, and stillness, Camillea is building life altering practices that they would like to offer alongside other practices for the collective healing in Black and other PGM communities.

JUDITH FAUSTIMA, MA, LMFT, Integrative-Focused Co-healer

Judith (she/her/li) is an integrative-Liberation Focused healer, educator, creator, and consultant that thrives on her connection with nature and spirits creations. She is an Afro-Haitian American born on the east coast and now taking up space in higher academia on the west. Judith is a doctoral candidate (DMFT) focusing on program development and monitoring and is a faculty professor at Oregon State University where she provides professional development and supervision for the Masters Counseling Program. Judith owns her own practice in Oregon serving the BILAPOC community. To learn more about Judith and her work click here.


Pixie Lighthorse (she/her/they) is an author of seven books to help heal our primal wounds in order to heal our external world. She tends land and traditional Indigenous foodways and lifeways, as well as acts as a seedkeeper for The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, where she is an enrolled tribal member. Her currency is intimacy, vulnerability, connection, nature and healing. She laughs and prays with Creator daily to maintain her spiritual strength. Learn more about Pixie.



Tanya Hughes (She/Her) is a sister, friend, auntie with a 20 plus year background in massage therapy, multi-media arts, hermetic alchemy and breathwork. She is a mix of Greek, German, Swiss, Scottish and Welsh ancestors, who lived as teachers, laborers, makers and plant people. She has spent the past two decades deeply engaged in learning, practicing and facilitating bodywork, breathwork, meditation, alchemical pathworking, aromatherapy/herbalism, holistic communication skills and most recently end of life work. To learn more about Tanya, visit her site here.

HILLARY HURST, Artist, Intuitive, Therapist

Hillary (She, Her) - I am a queer artist, intuitive and therapist compelled by art, nature and healing. I lean strongly towards elemental wisdom of indigenous cultures, the power of the collective in both healing and transforming, and the 4 human selves of dancing, singing, storytelling, and silence.  If we could only learn from trees... Learn more about Hillary.



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