Welcome to Liberation Pathways and thank you for taking the time to visit us. At Liberation Pathways, our aim is to illuminate the paths that will lead us to a remembrance of our innate ways of knowing, thereby propelling us toward healing, integration, balance, and wellness within ourselves, each other, and the vast web of life. There are many pathways toward the truth of our essence as a divine part of this great mystery that is the human experience. Each of us is an integral part of the tapestry of life and this remembering is needed during this pivotal time in human evolution. 


At Liberation Pathways we have come to understand that conventional, Western, Euro-centric approaches to health and wellness are often derived from perspectives influenced by a long history of colonization and patriarchal paradigms. These paradigms and movements have attempted to strip human beings from our connection to the larger web of existence, placing the individual (particularly White individuals) at a contrived apex of creation by removing us from our integral place as part of the earthly-divine collective. We all suffer the effects of living within these power-over models that inform modernity and contribute to the symptoms of dis-ease resulting from such disconnection and separation. The pathways offered will facilitate ways to remembrance, connection, and healing by shifting us out of the paradigms that do not serve humanity and our beautiful Earth home. 


One of the main aims of Liberation Pathways is to provide services to all people, but especially of having the ability to serve marginalized and historically oppressed peoples by making our offerings accessible to all. At the same time, it is important that our own practitioners, healers and facilitators be fairly compensated for the magic and medicine they provide. For this reason, please note that we are currently operating on a pay-what-you-can model on a tiered fee scale for most of our services, events, and offerings. Please click on this link to learn more about pricing. If you are a well-resourced person and can pay more, your additional contribution will support a person with less financial resources, making this work accessible to all and fair to our practitioners, who are integral to this liberation work. If you would like to contribute to our ongoing fundraiser campaign that funds scholarships for under-resourced persons (such as undocumented folx and persons from historically oppressed/marginalized backgrounds) we are very grateful. 


If you are curious about or wishing to join or learn more about the Liberation Pathways Community or are seeking services for yourself, please feel free to contact us via an email message (below).  In the meantime, feel free to sign up to our newsletter (below) for events, classes, blogs/articles and resources.


If you are a practitioner, healer, or facilitator wishing to join our community we welcome you to connect with us via email as well.

Liberation Pathways resides in the ancestral lands of the Paiute, Wasco and Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs in what is now called Prineville, Oregon in the Central region of the state. (Please click here for full land acknowledgement.)